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The object of the fusion, assuming that it will indeed take place, has nothing to do with designs or new models. Though the idea of a new vehicle produced by the two companies together, like the sedans produced by Renault together with Nissan or the powerful hatchback developed by Skoda since they became part of Volkswagen, would be an appealing new fantasy, it probably won’t amount to anything more than that. It will take a long time before the two manufacturing houses are in a position to work together on an engine, especially Peugeot.


Rather, the object of the alliance would be to create a financial synergy. Presently, the overall production capabilities of most European manufacturers are in excess of the actual demand. The obvious response would be to lower production – but this is a process that is usually hindered, rather than helped, by the presence of strong competition. Hence Peugeot’s and Opel’s decision to work together towards finding solutions that may help both.




In the meantime, the alliance would – at the very least – bring some much-needed cash into the pockets of Peugeot. The French group is larger and their assets are worth more than the German one, so the fusion would come together with a financial supplement offered by Opel. It is not enough to fill the chasms left by the last few years of crisis, but at the very least it buys some breathing time.Theres a new name in high quality car care products, when on October 21st 2012, Luxury Wax launch their range of premium quality car care offerings.

After spending months perfecting their entire range of specialist cleaning products, and accessories,  primarily targeted towards the luxury automotive, marine, leisure and aviation markets, the time has finally arrived for release to the general public.

Competitively priced,  they also offer a range of luxurious gift packs, perfect for Christmas presents, during the festive period.

Not only does the entire range look great, with each product having been lovingly hand poured into elegant aluminium bottles. Even more importantly, the entire product range provides excellent results, both for the occasional Sunday car owner, and enthusiasts alike.

So take a look for yourselves at what all the hype is about, and grab yourselves some Quality Car Care Luxury Wax for your car, boat, caravan, or motorhome.We would like to inform all our readers that our new online magazine is now due to be launched Early 2013,


Car Care Magazine is run entirely on a voluntary basis, and has recently had some major changes within the organisation, these changes have now been completed and the massive undertaking of compiling the best and latest information for our readers is again our priority.