Sync Your Smartphone With Porsche 911 Fort Lauderdale

By admin / December 5, 2016

One of the things that sets Porsche apart from other vehicles is that it balances it status as an ultimate sports car, without sacrificing practicality for everyday use. It has all of the features you would want or expect from a luxury vehicle, so that you can keep the eyes on your way ahead. One such feature is the ability to sync your phone with the car’s entertainment and navigation system.

Though the steps required vary somewhat depending on the phone manufacturer, Porsche makes it extremely simple to sync your phone with either the CDR-31 or PCM infotainment systems.​

Sync an iPhone or Blackberry with the CDR-31:

1. On the CDR-31, press the Phone button.

2. Press the Option button.

3. Select Device List from the CDR-31 menu.

4. On your phone, search for Bluetooth devices.

5. On an iPhone, you’ll go to Settings > General > Bluetooth.

6. For Blackberry, go to Applications > Options > Bluetooth; then press the trackball and select Full Menu > Add Device > Search.

Select CDR-31 on your phone after it finds the device.

A connection request will appear on the CDR-31. Confirm that you want to establish the connection.

  • Enter your preferred 4-digit Bluetooth code on the CDR-31.
  • Type the same 4-digit code onto your phone. If your phone asks whether you want to accept the connection, select Yes.

To sync an iPhone with PCM:

The methods are the same as used with the CDR-31 above, except that you do not have to perform steps #2 and #3. Also, for step #5, the device name will be PCM instead of CDR-31.

To sync a Blackberry with PCM, or any other Bluetooth phone with either the PCM or CDR-31:​

  • On the PCM or CDR-31, press the Phone button.
  • Select Find Telephone. If needed, select New Mobile Phone on the next menu screen.
  • Select your phone from the resulting search list.
  • The PCM or CDR-31 will give you a Bluetooth code, which you must enter on your phone.
  • If necessary, confirm the connection on your phone.

In each case, after you sync your phone the first time, the connection will occur automatically every time you start your Porsche.

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