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BCA spokesman Tim Naylor commented: Our research shows that the cost of fuel remains the top priority for motorists, with many changing the way they drive to maximise their fuel efficiency. ,


With many drivers indeed changing their car completely.  With the motor trade as a whole noticing increasing amounts of consumers Downsizing their cars, or work vans


The surveys results come on the same day that chancellor George Osborne announced that the proposed 3p rise in fuel duty has been postponed until 2013, at the earliest.


Let us know your thoughts, are fuel prices affecting the way you drive, or indeed your business.It may sound a little like a late April Fool newspaper story, but here at, we have uncovered a new concept in road tyre safety.  We  think that this tyre has the potential to radically improve road safety.


A new adaptive tire created at the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences can adjust its grooves to suit the current weather and surface conditions.


It’s one thing to be alerted by text message when road conditions become treacherous — even better, however, would be to have tyres that can adapt to these conditions automatically. Enter a new adaptive tyre created at the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences that can adjust its grooves to suit the current weather and surface conditions.


Changing tyres to suit weather conditions is usually a luxury associated with racing drivers, but it is rarely considered an option for everyday use. Car Care Magazine  thinks however, the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences’ innovation could bring similar advantages — both in terms of driving performance and safety — to everyday drivers, without the need to change tyres at all. Shape-changing components have been incorporated into the new adaptive tyres so that longitudinal and transverse grooves can move separately, a Leipzig press release explains.  Then, whether the vehicle is on highway or dirt road, and whatever the conditions, the tyres can change their profile automatically to suit the needs of the moment.


Unveiled last month at the Hanover Fair 2012 by a team led by Leipzig Prof. Detlef Riemer, the patent-protected tyre is still a work in progress, Riemer notes. Automotive entrepreneurs — one to get in on early?


Stay tuned and we will post any updates as of when we get them, and please add your comments below, regarding this potential advancement in Road Safety.A recent survey carried out by The Parts Alliance revealed that 60% of motorists confirmed that the cleanliness of their car after servicing would determine if they would recommend the garage to friends and family.


Here at we are always on the lookout for interesting news relating to the automotive industry.  We came accross this story originaly posted in the, and thought it may be of interest to our readers.

Award-winning Armor All Shield and Shield for Wheels lead the Spring Clean-Car Clean regime

By admin / March 28, 2015

Car cleanliness key factor in customer retentionDawn Pugh, from The Parts Alliance, said: ‘As the economy bites, consumers are continually wanting more for less. We are also seeing a greater number of motorists differentiate on values other than price.‘Car cleaning and valet services represent an excellent opportunity for independent garages to build customer loyalty.‘Independent garages need to continually evolve and look at ways in which they can deliver good customer service and build customer retention rates. Word of mouth is one of the strongest forms of advertising, and ensures good quality of service amongst independent garages.‘Nearly half of the motorists questioned (46%) said they currently pay between £3.00 and £8.00 for a clean car.  Although independent garages are recognised as offering cost effective and efficient service, they can learn from franchised dealers, and look to offer a car valet or clean. However, rather than bolt the cost onto the total bill, which is current practice for most franchised dealers, independent garages should look to be more transparent and offer  customers options that include a cost effective clean or valet.’Most but not all main dealers offer a free  service wash whenever a vehicle comes through the service department,  but only a small percentage of smaller indipendent garages offer this service to their customers.

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